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Luis Reyes

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Photo Credit: Chesapeake Bay Program To the residents near and around the Clover Creek watershed,  As an Eastern Washington native, I am not well versed with the dilemmas present in this area, specifically those across Pierce county. However, over time, these lands started to become my second home due to...

Mary Lynn McLeod

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Photo credits Dr. McKenney (posted on field pictures) Dear Residents of Clover Creek Watershed, It is becoming increasingly evident that pollution is infesting the watershed that our community cares for. Pollution not only affects the wildlife populations that inhabit in and around the watershed but also the overall stream health....

Ryan Shane

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Photo by Dr. Rose McKenney Dear Pierce County, Over the last semester in my Environmental Studies 350 course at PLU, I began to truly appreciate the importance and impact of community. In a time of social distancing and virtual classes, the class’ rare physical sessions were a literal and metaphorical...

Stormwater Pollution in Chambers-Clover Creek Watershed

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By: Theo Houck, Sophia McDonald, Dylan Ruggeri, Elana Tracy, and Nicole VanGuilder Welcome to this interactive map of Parkland's share of the Clover Creek Watershed! This story map takes you to various locations along Clover Creek and offers information on the various types of stormwater pollution common to our watershed....

Restoration in Chambers-Clover Creek Watershed!

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By: Chelsea Escalante, Brennan LaBrie, Emma Mickelson, and Aaron Pantoja Clover Creek, which trickles out of a natural spring near Frederickson and journeys through Parkland and Lakewood before emptying out in Lake Steilacoom, might be unrecognizable to those who knew it over a century ago. Residents along the creek in...