Rosey Ireson


Camas, a plant native to Washington. Photo by Jenny A. Moore

Dear Clover Creek Residents, 

Pollution is an issue on many people‚Äôs minds right now, and it can seem like a big problem. It is easy to lose sight of how an individual can make a difference; however, it is possible for you to make a difference right here in the watershed. When it rains, runoff is produced. Runoff picks up chemicals from cars, lawns, and more along the way, then takes those chemicals directly into the waterway. This is because paved surfaces and lawns are impermeable surfaces, so rainwater can not get to the soil and be filtered that way. One way to help prevent runoff is to replace your lawn with native plants. The water will be able to go down into the soil, which helps prevent it from having to travel across the surface and decreases the amount of chemicals it can pick up and carry with it. Plus, the native plants can offer a nice pop of color. 

Thank you, 

Rosey Ireson

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