ENVT 350: Environmental Methods of Investigation

ENVT 350 Environmental Methods of Investigation is a watershed-based course that examines the health of PLU’s watershed – the Chambers-Clover Creek Watershed.

ENVT 350 Spring 2020 class with Watershed Activist and longtime ENVT 350 supporter Al Schmauder.

ENVT 350 has been the centerpiece of our interdisciplinary Environmental Studies program since the minor was first offered in 1992 (the program offered its first major in 1998!). Students study the health of our watershed using multiple disciplines – this semester including Biology, Chemistry, Geosciences, History, and Religion! 

We rely on and are so grateful for many faculty members and community members who help us develop an interdisciplinary understanding of the challenges facing an urban watershed like our own. 

We join over 25 years of Environmental Studies students in collecting information about watershed health, and we’re proud to share what we’ve learned with you! Earth and Diversity Week at PLU will feature a new post each day, and we’ll be adding additional class projects as the semester continues. 

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ENVT 350 Spring 2021

Allison Sheflo, Bethany Taylor, Caitlin Ferguson, Cooper Claxton, Dannie Vashchenko, Emily Toycen, Gabriella Spagnole, Grace Godwin, Helena Waterton, Jonny Maier, Juli Rendler, Kaitlyn Stabell, Luis Reyes, Mary Lynn McLeod, Ryan Shane, Rosey Ireson, Sarah Paquet, Shalom Wundimu.